Transplant Case Management

HealthSmart’s transplant solution is a collaborative process and advocacy program for both the injured worker and our clients.


HealthSmart provides a comprehensive approach to reducing workers’ compensation costs and care coordination to reduce costs while enhancing the level of care for the injured worker. Using evidence-based clinical guidelines and sound clinical judgment, we work with the injured worker and their providers to achieve better health outcomes and optimal healthcare interventions.


HealthSmart’s Transplant Case Management Program has a proprietary and unique solution to address the costs of organ transplantation and maximize clinical outcomes

  • Best-in-class pricing at the nation’s leading Transplant Centers of Excellence through our access to multiple networks
  • Dedicated team of care management experts, including registered nurses, dietitians, and PharmDs
  • Regional US coverage for all types of organ transplants
  • End-to-end case management from the initial evaluation through post-transplant care


Expert oversight for significant savings

The impact of HealthSmart’s Transplant Case Management Program is staggering. Because HealthSmart Care Management Solutions has access to best-in-class pricing through national transplant networks, we have the ability to coordinate a center of excellence specific to the organ, injured worker location, and medical need. In these case examples, different networks were used with each network best suited for each case.

Organ transplants are among the most complicated, risky and life-changing medical events a person will ever face. Help protect injured workers — and your bottom line — with the HealthSmart Transplant Program, part of the HealthSmart Care Management Solutions suite of programs.


We partner with all stakeholders working to improve an injured worker’s outcome by delivering…

  • Significant cost controls
  • Superb clinical expertise
  • No disruption of any relationship with the employee


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